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We have had a good run the past couple of years with no hurricanes for which we are all grateful. So, should you really consider spending money for a stand-by generator? It has been almost three years since I lost power at my home on three long occasions. I almost forget how miserable I was. After having gone through these three outages, I finally did some re-wiring in my home so that I could power a window A/C unit in my guest bedroom, along with several lights, the refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave that I could run with a small generator. Now I am ready!

If you are considering a "whole house" generator like you see in the home stores, be diligent about what you are buying. These units tend to be labeled "whole house", but in fact most will not even provide enough power to run your A/C. If you do decide to opt for a permanently installed generator make sure to have natural gas available to your home. Propane can be very difficult to find after a storm to keep your generator running.

When it comes to stand-by power, a homeowner has many options when preparing for the next "Big One". Your choice ranges from what I did in my home to a "whole house generator". To learn more about what you need to know about generators, you can e-mail me at

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