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The Wichita Lineman is Run Over By A Mac Truck

In January, I wrote that you can figure on a 10% annual increase in you power bill ("Your Solar IRA"). I sure underestimated my economic forecast. If you have been reading the papers lately, you know that Progress Energy has asked the Public Service Commission for two healthy increases for fuel charges. All utility companies march in lock step so that these increases will be asked for and granted to the other power companies. In addition, in January of 09, Progress Energy and FPL will begin collecting revenue for their new nuclear power plants that will be built (maybe) sometime in the next 10 years. These plants are budgeted for 17 billion each and you will pay monthly on your power bills even if they are never built.

So how much extra fuel charges will you be paying for? If you have ever seen utility companies working on the side of the road, you know it now takes 3 or 4 very large diesel bucket trucks to do what the "Wichita Lineman" used to do with a pick-up truck, a climbing belt and a pair of spikes.

In addition, when we have peak demands (early morning, evening, etc.) power companies have what are called "surge plants" to keep up with demand. Unlike the normal coal fired plants that run 24-7, these plants utilize large diesel generators to meet increased demand (a lot of diesel). With energy costs going thru the roof, it may be time to generate free energy on your roof.

Whether you want to save money, save the earth, or rid our dependence on foreign oil, there are now steps you can take to be energy independent.

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