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If you have read my recent articles on power bills and renewable energy sources, you may be curious as to how much energy you may be able to save by implementing some of these ideas.

The Department of Energy built two houses with the same footprint and design in Lakeland, Florida in 1998. One home employed all of the proven designs for energy efficiency at that time and the other employed standard building practices. The energy consumption of both homes was monitored thru July of 2002. Result, the energy efficient home consumed 90% less electricity with identical lifestyles. Wow!!! (You can find a link to this study on our website).

If you decide you want to explore some of these new advances on the market, you should be able to increase your efficiency by 50%. Yes, it will cost you money to retrofit, but the payback and available credits will more than reward you for your short-term investments.

Who is urging you to go "green"? The Federal government, State of Florida and your utility company. In concert, they can defray as much as 50-60% of your investment if the products are installed by a certified contractor. We can assist you in applying for all the available benefits.

Energy prices are not going down! We have yet to see $100/barrell of oil in our utility bills, not to mention the many bills before Congress that will implement a "Carbon Tax" (anticipated to drive up utility bills by 50%). Low hanging fruit is all over your home and business. Low hanging fruit consists of replacing A/C's, lighting, solar water heaters, etc. (in short, a whole house tune-up). The higher hanging fruit are solar panels and solar fans, etc. that will cost you more money. We can help you with all of these needs. Call us or email me at

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