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How to Read Your Power Bill, Part II

Last month I wrote about how confusing your power bill is to read and what you can do about it. This month, I am going to provide you the formula we use to calculate energy cost. It is real simple and I urge you to play with these numbers so you can see how much wasted electricity is costing you.

The formula is as follows for yearly consumption:

# of watts x number of use hours x your kw (kilowatt) rate

As an example, let's say you have a 100-watt light in a hallway that you leave on all the time. This would be 24 hours a day x 365 days. We can now complete the formula:

100 watts x 9125 (24 x 365) x .096 (current OUC charges) = $87.60

As you can see when you divide the numbers, this light bulb is costing you $87.60/year. However, when you add up the "misc. charges" on your bill with taxes, it is actually costing you up to 25% more or about $109.50 per year. Yes, you read this correctly, up to 25%!!!

As my trustee assistant was typing this article, she was wondering how much her clothes dryer is costing her to run with two teenagers and a husband (all untrained in the art of laundry). We did the numbers, and now she knows that 1/3 of her power bill comes from drying clothes.

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