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AC vs. DC Electric: Why should you care?

Thomas Edison, one of the most energetic and prolific inventors of all time, patented an electric distribution system in 1880 that was necessary to capitalize on the invention of the electric lamp. He called it the Edison Electric Illuminating Company. You know it today as General Electric. This new power was generated as direct current, otherwise known as DC. It worked...
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Your Solar IRA

Let me start by informing you that I am not a financial consultant, an accountant, or a tax advisor. What I am is a small business owner that has running a small business for almost 20 years. What I have found out about small businesses is that one has to pay very close attention to unnecessary expenses in order to make or keep any money at the end of the year...
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Low Hanging Fruit

If you have read my recent articles on power bills and renewable energy sources, you may be curious as to how much energy you may be able to save by implementing some of these ideas. The Department of Energy built two houses with the same footprint and design in Lakeland, Florida in 1998. One home employed all of the proven designs for energy...
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How to Read Your Power Bill

Power bills are one of our household expenses that most of us pay little attention to because we don't feel we can do much about it. Not true! Depending upon your utility company you will notice many charges on your bill that you have absolutely no control of and one item that you do. Don't waste time on the items you can't control and focus on the one item you can control...
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How to Read Your Power Bill,
Part II

Last month I wrote about how confusing your power bill is to read and what you can do about it. This month, I am going to provide you the formula we use to calculate energy cost. It is real simple and I urge you to play with these numbers so you can see how much wasted electricity is costing you...
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